Bellville Women and Youth Centre, Bellville South Civic Centre, Kasselsvlei Rd, Bellville South, Cape Town, 7530 073 556 1025

Resident Mediator

Originally from Springbok, Anita Johnson came to the Centre in 2014 with the vision of connecting with likeminded women; women who rise above their circumstances and has a shoulder of support and encouragement towards each other. She attended and excelled in our cameo programme Sewing for Business, and Arts and Crafts and Food Gardening classes. At the Centre she is lovingly known as Anita “Lavender” because her love for lavender was awakened during the Food Gardening class, and she made soap, fragrance bags and baked with it.  Because of her nursing background and friendly demeaner she connects with our ladies on an emotional and personal level. She has a unique manner of creating safe spaces for our participants. Anita is always willing to assist wherever she can whether it is to sit with someone or just to create a home away from home, for us as a team and our beneficiaries. She came to learn sewing as an income generation for her and her family and is now part of the WOWM Team.