Bellville Women and Youth Centre, Bellville South Civic Centre, Kasselsvlei Rd, Bellville South, Cape Town, 7530 073 556 1025

Recognition of Participants

Since 2008 we have a yearly exhibition, at our EXPO’s, of our beneficiaries’ handy work at our local Civic Centre. This event has become a calendar event for past and present participants and family and friends. The participants receive certificates, as well as one of the participant’s, stand the chance to be chosen for the yearly Mary Jackson Award.

Mary Jackson Award

Aunty Mary Jackson was one of the founding members of the Economic Development Programme that was initiated by late Cllr Glen Kleinsmith in 2007. She pioneered the Beading for Business Program. Under her leadership, numerous unemployed women were trained not only in the skill of beading but also the spirit of volunteering. Development of love for the community became evident with most of her attendees. Most of the current volunteers started with Aunty Mary’s class. She became an inspiration, a pillar of strength and a mother and mentor to many. Her legacy in Bellville is that of a woman that selflessly committed herself to community involvement especially women and young people that were entangled in social, economic and spiritual poverty. She was an active member of many social upliftment and advocacy groups in Bellville South. 

Aunty Mary died in 2011 and in her memory, this Award was initiated.

Mary Jackson Award Recipients


Heidi Obrien – Diligence and persistence to achieve.


Kotie September – Mentor to any at the Centre and applying the business skills learned.


Shirley Petersen, Natalie Scottman, Francis Chissia and Jeannette Davids – Applying the business challenges that was taught (vision and mission statement, the name for the business, definite costing and pricing in place, volunteering at the centre and supporting the vision).


Natalie Scottman – Growth in being socially, emotionally and economically resilient.


Magdalene Petersen – Applying the sewing skill that was taught.


Hester Claassen – Returned to serve as a facilitator for Mosaic for Business.


Francis Chisia – Serving attitude and leadership displayed for the year.
Lorriane Gogills MJ Awards 2018

Tenth-year celebration – Lorraine Cogills

Lorraine epitomises the vision of WOWMovement. She joined the organisation in 2010 and participated in the Beading for Business class. From there she discovered a gift that she loved at primary school but was never developed. She flourished in the Arts and Craft classes. She took a leading role in these classes.

Coordinating it between 2012-2013. She became a Management Committee member, 2014-2015 where she served for 4 years. The last 2 years of the 4 years she was the chair of the Management Committee.  She is a brilliant facilitator and leader in our organisation. Currently, she is serving once again in our 2018-2020 Executive Committee as a spokesperson for our participants.