Bellville Women and Youth Centre, Bellville South Civic Centre, Kasselsvlei Rd, Bellville South, Cape Town, 7530 073 556 1025

Since 2007 about 549 women attended our programmes. We believe our safe space, mentorships and programmes fosters values in building community through understanding the value of human uniqueness, diversity, the role of participation with hope for a better future, honesty and determination and having a one-on-one life coach to assist the vulnerable urban girl-child and women on the road of resilience. This approach encompasses the structure and aims of WOWMovement Programmes

WOWM – Justice

  • Youth Opportunity Desk

WOWM – Resilience 

  • WOWM One-OnOne
  • WOWM Connect
  • WOWM Girl-Child

WOWM – Eco-Hub

  • Sewing for Business Introduction
  • Sewing for Business Level 2
  • Art and Craft for Business
  • Beading for Business
  • Nail Entrepreneurial Workshop
  • Creative Edible Gardening and Indigenous Medical Planting and Landscaping
  • Entrepreneurial Business Strategy
  • Expo