Bellville Women and Youth Centre, Bellville South Civic Centre, Kasselsvlei Rd, Bellville South, Cape Town, 7530 073 556 1025
Celebrating 10 years in empowering vulnerable women with soft skills to put money in their purses and to discover their own personal creativity, design, and entrepreneurial skill

Since 2008 as an organisation we have been equipping vulnerable women with soft skills to generate an extra income and to discover their own personal creativity, design and entrepreneurial skills through the development of self-reliance.

We offer skills development in arts and crafts, edible gardening, manicure and pedicure training, and micro-business training pertinent to the market that they select to equip women in Personal Creativity, Design, and Entrepreneurship to address economic injustice for vulnerable women and the girl-child that have dropped out of the education system for various reasons.

ECO-HUB Assistants

Wareldia Brown, Jeanetta Davids, Aunty Shirley Petersen, Natalie Scottman, Valda Scheepers, Elizabeth Mc Kay and Anita Johnson. The current team of the EcoHub programmes who are now volunteering , except Wareldia Brown, are all graduates of the programmes. .

ECO-HUB Programmes

Facilitator: Wareldia Brown

These classes started in 2007, under the watchful eye of our longest-serving volunteer Ms Wareldia Brown. This is a basic course of 20 weeks where the beneficiaries are equipped with understanding the tools of the sewing trade which include parts and functions of the sewing machine, threading and winding the bobbin, straight sewing and much, much more. You will have the opportunity to start on your own sewing projects!!

We received numerous sewing machines from Bellville Presbyterian Church with the result we can capacitate 12 beneficiaries per year.

Facilitator: Jeanette Davids

Graduates from the Introduction class join this class to further improve their business skills and to increase their economic standing. Here they are capacitated to make kitchen and toilet sets and various modern styles and craft products which are popular items sold in our area.

Co-ordinators: Kotie September, Anita Johnson, Natalie Scottman

Classes are once a week, since 2010. Our cameo class, here, is Awakening Creativity. This is an eight-week class where beneficiaries are inspired to unlock their own creativity so that they can design their own craft and build their unique business. This has become a foundational course for all our Arts and Craft Programmes.

Facilitators: Aunty Shirley Petersen, Natalie Scottman, Elizabeth Mc Kay

This is one of our popular 8-week classes in creating beginner to advanced beading design products. We have found traumatised women find immense healing and restoration through active participation of this class.

Facilitator: Kotie September

This is an 8-weeks basic introductory course in intermediate mosaic design and implementation.

Facilitator: This workshop is facilitated by a qualified Nail Technician (Outsourced)

This 10-week nail technician course aimed at locating school dropouts and single mothers under the age of 35 years. The course covers personal development, theory and practice of a Nail Technician, marketing and business strategies. On completion of this course the beneficiary receives an accredited certificate and a nail technician entrepreneurial starter pack which contains all stock needed to start a nail business.

Facilitators: Kotie September, Anita Johnson

In partnership with Edith Stephens Nature Reserve, City of Cape Town, Social Development Department, and Department of Urban Agriculture a yearly programme was designed to equip our beneficiaries with the skill of Indigenous Medicinal Planting and Landscaping Building on Creative Edible Gardening.

Facilitator: Outsourced

Twice a year after completion of the course above the beneficiaries are empowered with basic entrepreneurial skills. This programme is outsourced to an accredited agency. We ensure that the classes cover basic bookkeeping, sales strategy, understanding the arts and crafts industry, networking skills, working with a calculator etc. We provide a basic bookkeeping set for each participant when funding is available.

The Eco-Hub, since 2008, has a yearly EXPO in the first week of December to celebrate each workshop participants achievements and serves as a platform to showcase and sell their products and services to the guests. [Link to Gallery Pictures of previous EXPO’s]