Bellville Women and Youth Centre, Bellville South Civic Centre, Kasselsvlei Rd, Bellville South, Cape Town, 7530 073 556 1025


Our mission is to walk with vulnerable urban and peri-urban girl-child and women, by providing safe spaces for programmes to build emotional and social resilience with an understanding as an organisation of the impact of poverty, social bias, violence and trauma on an individual and community.

Life Coaching

One-on-one coaching class to be an effective tool to create a pathway out of financial lack.

In 2017, we celebrated our 10th year of existence, and, as an organisation, we desired to know if we achieved our goals. Mainly, the goal we were interested in was to see the extent of the impact on the ladies who entered our programmes and became financially sustainable by starting their own businesses. However, we found that out of the 549 ladies, who took part in most of the workshops, only 4 ladies used their learned skill as a financial income. The upside of the workshops showcased, in our survey, that the women gained a strong social network. Each woman maintained a strong connection and support for one another by sharing information and encouraging each other. This was an unforeseen result which made us look at various local and international programmes. Therefore, we are in the process of establishing a one-on-one coaching programme to be an effective tool to create a pathway out of ] social, emotional and economic challenges.

Parenting Strengthening

Strengthening single moms and vulnerable women in resilient parenting skills.

Positive Parenting Workshops created by Parent Centre, South Africa, are facilitated four times a year to assist out vulnerable women with skills to navigate the role of parenting. This is a six-module programme that covers the identification of cultural negative communication that results in changed behaviour; development stages and how it influences children’s behaviour; family meetings; conflict communication; discipline and family values.

Proudly Female

Training and support for the girl-child 10 years to 18 years of age.

Girl’s lived experiences are mostly unsafe. iv. This program enables our girl-child with the necessary skills to become safety aware and to strengthen their future by staying in school and prioritising education. Programme is value-based undergirded; Uniqueness, Diversity, Community, Participation, Hope, Honesty, and Perseverance accentuated at each meeting.